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One of the oldest systems of medicine is now the latest form of relief

UNANI –The system with deep root with a 5000 year old history

An ancient system of medicine which originated in Greece. The fundamentals of Unani system is based on the Humoural Theory propagated by the great Physician Hippocrates, its founder. Unani’ - the name is derived from the word ‘lonian’ which originated in Greece. ‘Tibb’ means the knowledge of the states of the human body in health and decline. ‘Tibb-E-Unani’, is hence an age old, time tested system of cure dated back to 5000 BC.

It is the creation of a healthy society which is aimed for in Unani system of medicine. Similar to any other form of medical science, Unani medicine strives to find the best possible ways by which a person can lead a healthy life avoiding sickness. Drugs, diet, drinks and other regiments including codes of conduct which are conducive to the maintenance and promotion of positive health, as well as the prevention and cure of disease are prescribed. Unani and its allied branches are based on rational and scientific basic principles when compared to other traditional systems of medicine prevalent in various countries of the world. As the drugs used are natural compounds which belong to the human body, Unani physicians prescribe only natural remedies.

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